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Why Floridians Love Wild Seafood Market

If you’re craving fresh, wild-caught seafood, even the locals here in Madeira Beach will tell you, Wild Seafood Market at Don’s Dock is the spot! Due to the high costs associated with shipping outside of Florida, we’ve grown a large customer base greatly composed of Floridians. Some found us on beachside vacation here, while others may have stumbled upon our website. We can ship in Florida for a fraction of what it costs to ship out of state.

We’ve been catering to local and national seafood markets – establishing our brand as a top choice when it comes to both commercial and direct-to-consumer seafood delivery.

With the variety of fish and shellfish that we sell, Floridians get to enjoy the freshest seafood whenever they like. And because we are the direct supplier and there’s no middleman involved; we have the unique ability to sell our fish at the best prices. In addition, all our fish and shellfish are sustainably and responsibly harvested. Thus, environmentally-conscious customers can enjoy our products without worrying about where and how it was sourced.

If you have no time to get out and go to the local fish market, you can simply go to our online shop and order your fish or shellfish.

Locally Sourced & Fresh

One of the main reasons why Floridians love Wild Seafood Market is that the fish and shellfish sold are always fresh and guaranteed locally sourced. All our seafood (except the Maine Lobster Tails) is sourced in the Gulf of Mexico, and always ensure that we adhere to local and federal regulations.

When you buy seafood from Wild Seafood Market, you get to enjoy the greater freshness and better taste. Buying locally sourced seafood allows you to enjoy the seasonal catch with a much fresher taste since you will be consuming it the soonest possible time after being caught. And since we source our seafood locally, the natural flavor is preserved unlike those obtained from thousands of miles away.

Local seafood, like that from Wild Seafood Market, has a shorter supply chain and this translates to a lower carbon footprint and better price points. And the best part? Buying local seafood from us helps support the local economy and our local fishing community.

Sustainably Sourced

Here at Wild Seafood Market, our core value is about adhering to sustainable fishing practices. And Floridians love that about us because this means that every fish and shellfish you buy from us are harvested sustainably and responsibly. Our aim is to set the standards for the best fishing practices in the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, we work directly with local fishermen and the legislative process so we can create real-world solutions to sustainable fishing.

In support of our goals, we have developed and integrated traceable fish tags to our seafood. The tags have QR codes that you can scan to track the fish you purchase – you will know where the fish has been caught, what boat it was loaded, and other relevant information. The traceable tags also act as a tracking system that aims to enforce accountability and support eco-friendly fishing practices.

Wide Seafood Selection

We offer a variety of seafood – from delicious groupers and snappers to seasonal Amberjacks. We sell various species of snappers and groupers as well as by-catch like Blackfin tuna, Porgy, etc. It really depends on what our fishing boats bring in and where they’ve been fishing. We regularly stock Red Grouper and Red Snapper even if not all species are available at the same time.

When you order fish, you have the option to have them shipped to you either filleted or whole. We can also scale and clean them for you. However, do note that we only sell and ship fish weighing more than 5lbs as fillets.

Various shellfish are also available. You can buy stone crab claws, Gulf Brown shrimp, lobster tails, Key West pink shrimp, scallops, and clams as well. They are available in various options and price points.

Cheaper Shipping in Florida

No one likes to pay the expensive shipping fees when ordering anything online. And what Floridians love about Wild Seafood Market is that we offer cheaper shipping options for people within the state. Those who live nearby our Don’s Dock storefront can even forego the shipping fee and simply choose local pickup during the checkout process.

Due to logistics, we can only ship Overnight for orders from out of state. But, if you live in Florida, you can choose the much cheaper Ground Shipping option. Meanwhile, people living in Pinellas County, especially those near Madeira Beach, can just choose local pickup and not pay any shipping cost. You can just drop by our store and pick up your order when it’s ready.

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