Farm raised vs fresh caught off the boat
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Why Choose Wild Caught, USA Sourced Fish?

Supporting your local fish markets, helping further sustainable fishing, and acquiring only the highest quality, best-tasting fish you’ll ever enjoy are just a few of the top reasons why you should always choose wild-caught fish sourced right here in the USA. If you’re abroad, outside the United States be sure to look for a wild-caught supplier in your local area.

As a seafood consumer, it can sometimes be confusing to choose the best seafood as there are so many options available, especially when it comes to online shopping. Among the most important considerations when choosing the best fish to buy is how or where they are sourced.
Are you buying wild-caught or farmed fish? Is it sourced locally or imported? What’s the difference between them? There are pros and cons to buying your fish from the nearby fish farm and buying from fresh-caught from the nearby ocean or gulf. Let’s lay down the facts about each option so you can decide for yourself the next time you buy your fish and other seafood products.

Wild Caught VS Farm Raised

Most chef and seafood enthusiasts would advise you to get wild-caught fish due to the higher flavor profile but that’s not the only reason to choose wild-caught fish.

Wild-caught fish are harvested directly from the ocean and other bodies of water. These are fish that never lived in captivity. Because these species live in their natural environment, it is believed that wild-caught seafood is not as prone to diseases and illness.
But, contrary to popular beliefs, the nutritional value of any kind of seafood depends on their diet. Therefore, it’s not always true that wild-caught seafood is healthier than farm-raised ones. It is true though that fish in the wild have a natural diet, so they also have lower saturated fat content than fish raised in farms.

Very important to keep in mind, however, the average (close to 98%) fish raised in farms are not properly cared for with a great deal of waste and bacteria among the holding areas or pools. This leads to not only much lower quality flavor but also potential for food-borne illnesses.

Pros of Wild-Caught Fish.

Due to their diverse diet, wild-caught fish tend to have better flavor than the farm-raised alternatives. The meat is also leaner because the fish are constantly moving with wide expanses to sprint. For restaurant owners and chefs, wild-caught fish also make for great presentation as they have better color and overall appearance.

Cons of Wild-Caught Fish.

If you live far from the sources, the wild-caught fish you can buy will more likely come a premium price with shipping costs considered. Some fish and seafood from the wild tend to have higher levels of mercury. Though they are not at the levels that are toxic to humans, they are still higher compared to farm-raised fish.

Pros of Farm-Raised Fish.

Farm-raised fish and seafood are easily available in the market compared to those caught in the wild. As such, these are also essentially cheaper. Regardless of the cheaper price, we highly advise you either buy wild-caught fish or just have chicken for dinner. The harm being done from farm-raised fishing is simply beyond justifiable.

Cons of Farm-Raised Fish.

In most cases, farm-raised fish and seafood have lower levels of Omega-3. Instead, they produce more Omega-6 which can cause inflammation in the body. Also, farm-raised fish are usually fed with antibiotics to keep them from getting sick. In addition, the chemicals and waste from fish farms can contaminate the natural environment around them. Again, food-borne illnesses are also more common with farm-raised fish.

USA Sourced VS Imported Fish

If you’re wondering if there’s a difference between USA-sourced and imported fish, the simple answer is yes, very much so. With locally sourced seafood, you can be sure that they are properly regulated and harvested responsibly. In contrast, seafood harvested from outer countries may not be as strictly regulated and not held to the same standards as fish sourced in the U.S.

There is a shorter supply chain on the fish and seafood harvested within the country. Thus, you are buying fresh fish that involves less carbon footprint and transportation expenses. This will not only translate to greater freshness but also to better prices.

When you buy your seafood from locals, you are also supporting the local economy and fishing industry. The fish and seafood harvested in the country also offer better transparency and traceability. Whether you buy online or at a local fish market, you’ll be able to know where and when the fish was caught.

Here at Wild Seafood Market, all our fish and seafood are guaranteed to be domestic and wild-caught. We aim to promote the American fishing industry and help put money into the hardworking fishermen in our local area. Our products are also fully traceable; each fish we harvest is tagged with a QR code that anyone can scan to track the product via the Gulf Wild system. You’ll be able to follow the supply chain of every fish from the boat to the dock and to your kitchens.

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