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Wherever you buy seafood, shop smart

Your Money, Your Vote

Consumers have a never-ending array of options when it comes to buying seafood. These days you can stop by the local grocery or go online and buy fish from across the globe. Sustainable fishing regulations in the United States are among the strongest in the world however some U.S. based suppliers go above and beyond the call of duty to both set an example and further help protect the fish populations in our Oceans and Gulfs.

Choosing which seafood suppliers and retailers you support with your purchasing goes a long way in helping to further sustainable fishing and thwart those who only care about the money, and not the health of the oceans.

The articles featured on this page of may seem biased towards our market however, we stand by the words written and firmly believe an informed seafood lover will help to create a better future for our oceans, fish populations and therefore our children and generations to come. Wild Seafood Co. is an excellent choice for sustainably sourced seafood however we are not the only company focused on real sustainability. With the information given these articles, you’ll have the ability to shop wisely whether spending your dollars with us or elsewhere.

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