Where we ship & how fast we get it there

When We Ship

Outgoing shipments are made Mon-Thurs at 3pm EST.
Cut off time is 1pm EST.

Orders Placed:
– Before 1pm Monday thru Thursday will ship same-day.
– After 1pm Monday thru Wednesday ship the next day.
– After 1pm Thursday or anytime Friday, Saturday & Sunday ship the following Monday.

24-hour max hold time. Please specify in the “Special Instructions” if you’d like your order to ship a day later.

10 Pound Shipping Coolers

*How to maximize your order value:
We ship all seafood inside coolers capable of holding approximately ten pounds. Ordering more than 10lbs will require we use two coolers to ship your order and thus you will be charged for both coolers. Get more for your money by ordering in increments of 10lbs or less.

Cooler chart:
1-10 LBS of fish = one cooler.
11-20 LBS of fish = two coolers.
31-40 LBS of fish = three coolers.

Where We Ship

Wild Seafood Co Market


We ship nation-wide. States outside Florida require overnight shipping. After you enter your zip-code you’ll be given shipping options for your area.

Wild Seafood Co Market Florida Shipping


Based out of Florida, we offer fast ground shipping for more affordable shipping options to Florida residents. Once you enter your zip code at checkout you will be given shipping options unique to Florida addresses.

Wild Seafood Co Market Pinellas Shipping


Located in Pinellas County near Madeira Beach? You can come order direct at our market. Or, order online and select “local pickup” to avoid shipping fees. You can of course also elect to have us ship your order.

Have a question about shipping?

We may have already answered it in our FAQs. Please start there before you contact us.

Shipping FAQs

The swiftness of our shipping depends on where you’re ordering from and when you do the ordering. Any orders placed outside the state of Florida are strictly overnight to preserve freshness. Ground shipping times for residents vary depending on what time the order is placed but is generally either same day or next day shipping.

The cost of shipping depends on how much product you buy and where its being shipped to. For instance, about 4lbs of product delivered locally to St. Petersburg with ground shipping would be around $15. However, shipping the same amount of product overnight to somewhere as far as Atlanta, Georgia will cost around $100. Hence, if you’re ordering from out-of-state, be sure to get your moneys worth by getting your total order weight as close to 10 pounds as possible.

As a company, we provide three primary shipping options via UPS.
Overnight shipping (for those that live outside of Florida or Floridians in a hurry)
Ground shipping for Florida residents only.
Local Pickup for Pinellas County residents.

Absolutely! You don’t have to place your order at the market just to be able to pick it up from there. You’re more than welcome to make the order from the comfort of your own home, right here on our website and come pick it up in person at Dons Dock.

How To: Simply select “Local Pickup” either in the cart after entering your local zip code, or in the checkout after entering your address.

Note: If you’re local today, but don’t have a local address, simply use our address in the “shipping address” area. You will also have to enter your billing address for our secure checkout to process your order.

No, sadly we do not ship outside of the United States. This is done to preserve freshness and so we can provide our customers with the highest quality product possible.

For some of our products, such as the Key West Pink Shrimp, you can save on bulk purchases. On this specific selection, you can save $2 on 5lb bulk orders! Keep an eye out at the very top of the site for the most current special or coupon code. Also, when you build your shopping cart, try to keep the total order weight close to increments of 10 pounds or below. Due to the size of the coolers, we have to use a second cooler at the 10-pound limit.

We ship Monday through Thursday at 3pm EST. Orders placed before 1pm on Monday through Thursday will ship the same day. All orders placed after 1pm on these days will be scheduled for next-day shipping. Lastly, all orders place after 1pm on Thursday or anytime Friday through Sunday will ship the following Monday.

At the moment, we simply do not have a great solution for out-of-state shipping. The fee we charge our out-of-state customers is actually often less then what we actually pay.

The simple factor behind the high cost: Overnight shipping of heavy boxes is far from cheap. We use UPS, which we trust to get your seafood to you fast, however this service comes at a steep rate.

24-hour max hold. We will hold shipments for no more than 1 full day. As our seafood is fresh, not frozen, and we only sell what we have on hand, we cannot hold shipments for long periods of time like many of our freezer stacking competitors.
Use the ‘Special Instructions’ section during checkout to have your order held for a day rather than the next outgoing shipment.