Yellowedge Grouper

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Price per pound of whole fish: $10

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What Is Yellowedge Grouper?

Yellowedge Grouper is a deepwater grouper as well as the mildest, sweetest grouper. Due to summer closures in shallow water, our boats fish in deeper waters making yellowedge usually available June-September. During the rest of the year, deepwater trips are more sporadic, so get this grouper while you can!

If you’d like the cheeks, collar, or “wings” included in your order, leave a note in the Special Instructions at checkout (under the Shipping & Payments section). Cheeks are only available with groupers.

Is Yellowedge Grouper Expensive?

At Wild Seafood Market the product we provide is not only fresh but affordable for the average consumer.  We work to provide ease of access by removing the middle man and giving you direct access to products through our wholesale company.  This direct access, freshness, and affordability come with a range of pricing depending on the availability of the product. Caught directly from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, our Yellowedge Grouper goes for $10 per pound.

Fresh Caught Yellowedge Grouper

The Yellowedge Grouper population extends fairly far and wide, from North Carolina to Florida and all the way to southern Brazil. This territory also includes the Gulf of Mexico where, on individual charter boats, our expert employees travel to procure our fresh caught product. Consequently, when buying from Wild Seafood Market you are buying directly from our wholesale supply and therefore obtaining natural, un-processed fish for yourself or your family.

How to enjoy our Yellowedge Grouper?

Yellowedge grouper is a lean fish meaning it has next to no fat content, as opposed to fatty fish such as Salmon, Tuna, or Trout. As a result, when cooked it has a very firm texture, with large flakes, that is the best for holding in moisture. As for cooking methods, this species can be grilled, fried, sautéed, broiled, steamed, baked, or poached. Furthermore, its head is composed mostly of cartilage, making it perfect for recipes that require a rich stock base.

What is Yellowedge Grouper best paired with?

The Yellowedge grouper species gives rise to a mild yet very distinctive and unique flavor for the taste buds. It provides the same palate as a cross between Bass and Halibut. Consequently, the species is best suited for various soups and chowder recipes.

Cool Facts about Yellowedge Grouper

All life, especially marine life, has a quality or multiple qualities, that are unique to them as a species. Yellowedge groupers, or as they’re scientifically known Epinephelus flavolimbaturs, are no exception. With a very similar outward appearance of Snowy Groupers, they are able to change their gender from female to male as they grow in size. They also have bright yellow coloring within their eyes and long the edges of their fins.

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1 review for Yellowedge Grouper

  1. Calvin Bourgess

    got two whole groupers from their market here in Madeira along with some shrimp. all really good quality. made for a great meal for the whole family and my mother in law from Oregon was even impressed and she eats fresh fish on a regular bases. says a lot

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