Scamp Grouper

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Price per pound of whole fish: $11

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Ordering Fresh Scamp Grouper

Wild Seafood Market has made ordering and shipping scamp grouper easy and hassle-free. Simply choose from the available size options and indicate how you’d like your fish prepared. Add your grouper order to the cart and proceed to the checkout process. Just follow the checkout instructions and choose among the available shipping options.

If you live in Florida, you can choose the cheaper ground shipping option. However, if you live outside of the state, we can only offer overnight shipping. This is the most ideal option to keep your order as fresh as possible. Not to worry, we use high-quality shipping coolers to ensure proper handling.

For those who are local to Pinellas County or live near our store, you can choose to pick up your scamp grouper order if it is within business hours. You can call the store in advance to have your orders prepared and ready when you arrive.

How Does Scamp Grouper Compare to Other Fish?

Scamp Grouper is a very mild, white fish, with firm flesh and sweet flavor.

Once Filleted, How is the Yield of this Grouper?

Scamp Grouper has a better yield than most groupers due to their small head size. The yield of Scamp Grouper fillets ranges from 32% to 38% when an expert is holding the fillet knife. If you’re now so sure of your skills, simply select to have your fish filleted from the product options above.

*5 LB Whole Scamp Grouper Shipping Limit

Due to the sheer size of whole Scamp Grouper, we can only ship whole fish that are at or under 5 pounds in weight. Scamp Grouper 6 pounds or larger will have to be filleted before being shipped. Locals to Pinellas County may however elect to pick up the whole fish, regardless of size.

Does the Order Include the Cheeks or Collar

If you’d like the cheeks, collar, or “wings” included in your order, leave a note in the Special Instructions at checkout (under the Shipping & Payments section). Cheeks are only available with Groupers.

What is Scamp Grouper?

Scamp grouper is grayish-brown in color with a few clustered dark spots. This fish has a concave-shaped tail fin that looks more raggedy compared to that of other grouper. The shape and color of a scamp grouper is closely similar to that of a yellowmouth grouper. It is generally smaller than Black or Gag grouper.

It is well known as the best table fare among the grouper family and one of the most esteemed food fishes found in the Gulf. Compared to other groupers, scamps are small – with an average size at under 2 feet and weight at about 5 pounds.

Scamps are usually found in North Carolina and South America – including the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, there have been some rare sightings of scamp groupers from Massachusetts. Spawning season is from January to June and peaks in from March to April. The maximum observed age for scamp grouper is 31 years, but they are considered in age of maturity at less than 2 years.

Groupers, along with Scamp Grouper, are among Florida’s iconic fish species. Both commercial fishers and recreational anglers swear that scamps are the tastiest fish in the Grouper family. Scamp groupers prefer the deep waters and are usually found in rocky bottoms and ledges. Although, there are some found around mangroves and jetties.

Scamp Grouper Flavor/Taste

Like most grouper, the scamp grouper features a very mild flavor with a light and slightly sweet taste. It also has large and chunky flakes, making it one of the fish meats with excellent food value. Most culinary experts usually describe scamp grouper’s taste (as with other grouper species) to be somewhere a halibut and seabass. Some describe the meat as having a taste close to that of lobster or crab meat.

The scamp grouper has white meat and excellent food value. For approximately 114 grams of scamp portions, you can get about 110 Calories, 23g of Protein, 0.26g Omega-3 Fatty Acid, 55mg Cholesterol, 2g Total Fat.

Aside from the nutritional value, this grouper is versatile and offers an excellent taste however you serve it. And because of the scamp grouper’s subtle flavor, it’s a great fish for absorbing marinades and dressings.

Scamp Grouper Size Limit Florida

Anyone fishing for scamp grouper, or any grouper for that matter, must follow regulations. This applies to both commercial and recreational fishing. For commercial, an individual fishing quota program applies. Meanwhile, recreational fishing for groupers, including scamp, depends on the projected stock ACL for the year.

The minimum size limit when fishing for scamp grouper is 16 inches in total length, both commercial and recreational. There is no trip limit for commercial fishing of scamp grouper but there is a 4 per person bag limit for recreational fishing. In addition, this 4 per person limit is included within a 4-grouper aggregate bag limit (which counts all types of groupers).

How To Cook Scamp Grouper

Scamp grouper features high oil and moisture content. Thus, it is considered as the most versatile among its class. As such, you can prepare a scamp grouper using various cooking methods.

Most people prefer pan-searing or baking scamp grouper with lots of herbs and dressings. The denseness of the fish’s meat and its ability to absorb marinades and dressings makes for the delicious and perfect main course.

We’ve recently put out our own recipe with Grouper including a full step-by-step guide to help assure you enjoy one of the best Grouper dishes possible. Check it out here: Lemon Kick’n Grouper Recipe

Scamp Grouper Price Per Pound

The general market rate for scamp grouper is at $16.99. At Wild Seafood Market, you always get a good deal for your money. Our scamp grouper is priced at $10 per pound. We ship them whole to ensure that the fish remains fresh for a long time. You don’t have to worry about less stellar fish arriving at your doorsteps. However, you may also choose to have your scamp grouper filleted; simply choose that option when ordering.

Sustainably Sourced Scamp Grouper

At Wild Seafood Market, we only offer the freshest and sustainably sourced scamp grouper. All our seafood and fish are sourced in the Gulf of Mexico. We use traceable tags so you can track every fish you buy via QR codes – follow your fish from the boat to the dock and in your kitchen.

We are also committed and adhere to sustainable fishing practices by following local and federal regulations. Our mission is to always provide our customers with fish that are domestic and wild-caught.

What’s the World Record for Scamp Grouper

A little bit of trivia. Do you know what’s the current world record for a scamp grouper caught? Well, the current record is one that is 29 pounds, 10 ounces. It’s an all-tackle record caught off the Dauphin Island, Alabama in 2000. However, someone has possibly beaten that record.

According to the North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries, 9-year-old Teddy Wingfield caught the largest scamp off the North Carolina Coast in 2016. His catch weighed 32 pounds and measured a total length of 43 inches (from tip of the tail to tip of the nose).

What are the health benefits of Scamp Grouper?

The Scamp Grouper, like other grouper varieties, provides large amounts of protein while also having no sugar and very minimal amounts of saturated fat. For every 100g serving of this grouper, you get 24.8g of protein with saturated fatty acids of 0.3g. It is also naturally low in calories so it’s an excellent food choice for those having a calorie-controlled diet.

  • Saturated Fatty Acids: 0.3 g
  • Protein: 24.8 g

With its high protein content, the Scamp Grouper is a great resource for the body. This protein is essential in repairing and building new tissue. The fish is also a great source of vitamins and minerals. One serving of 100g provides for about 25% of your daily Vitamin D needs. You also get iron, magnesium, vitamin B-complex, vitamin A, and zinc.

More Grouper Options

Multiple days a week our very own deep-sea fishing boats depart from our docks here in Madeira Beach, Florida to bring back the freshest fish, from Grouper and Snapper to Hogfish and even Porgy. We can never guarantee what they’ll have, nor how much of it, hence our inventory levels are constantly changing.

If Scamp Grouper is out-of-stock today, be sure to check out our other fresh Grouper options here.

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1 review for Scamp Grouper

  1. John Pickford

    Bought a 3.5 pound red grouper and baked it whole in the oven. It was the best grouper we ever had. We especially appreciated the tag that was attached to the fish indicating when, where and how it was caught. The person who took care of us scaled and cleaned the fish and couldn’t have been more helpful in suggesting cooking methods. He even gave our daughter a small fish to feed the nearby pelicans looking for a handout.

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