Red Grouper

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Price per pound of whole fish: $10

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What is Red Grouper?

Red grouper is a white mild fish with firmer flesh and larger flakes compared to snapper. It is the highest volume of fish we catch in this area of the gulf!

If you’d like the cheeks, collar, or “wings” included in your order, leave a note in the Special Instructions at checkout (under the Shipping & Payments section). Cheeks are only available with groupers.

Wild Seafood Market is Florida’s Top Supplier of Sustainably Sourced Red Grouper

We take extensive measures to assure the Red Grouper we source from our local Gulf of Mexico waters is done so environmentally minded. We’ve helped spearhead the GulfWild program in Florida which involves giving each fish caught a specific tracking tag.

Grouper Prices

How much does Red Grouper cost per pound?

You can expect to pay roughly $36 per pound when buying Red Grouper fillets online.   For fresh, whole red grouper the price goes down to about a third of the fillet price per pound.  If you’re able to find a seafood market selling whole Red Grouper such as Wild Seafood Market, you’ve stumbled upon a rarity in the seafood industry… a supplier!  This means the fish you buy is coming directly from the same company which owns and operates the boat it was caught on.

What’s Wild Seafood’s price per pound of whole red grouper?

Our current market rate (as of early December 2021) for Red Grouper whole fish per pound is $9.00.
We sell Red Grouper in the form of whole fish because doing so allows the fish/meat to stay fresher between our docks and your kitchen. To see our current market rate for Red Grouper, look just below the product title. You may choose to have your Grouper filleted, however, keep in mind that our price per pound is related directly to the whole fish price. Hence, if you buy a three-pound Grouper, you are likely to yield 1 to 1.5 pounds of fish. This range varies from fish to fish.

Looking for info on the price of Gag Grouper?  We’ve got you covered here.

Order Grouper

Ordering Grouper online can be a daunting task. It’s hard to know where the fish is coming from, what a reasonable price to pay may be, which species will best suit your tastes and even how to trust the company you’re ordering from. We’ve done our best to help easy your mind with a fully secure online seafood shopping experience and Grouper options based directly on the fresh fish we have in stock.

If you are located close to our market at Don’s Dock in Madeira Beach, Florida, such as St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, or even a bit North into Clearwater, you can select ‘Local Pickup’ in the checkout and avoid shipping fees. You’ll then just need to stop by our seafood market to pick up your Red Grouper. While you’re here, feel free to also enjoy the amenities of John’s Pass including everything from retail shopping to dolphin tours.

What are the Red Grouper health benifits and nutritional values?

Red grouper, like other grouper species, is a good source of vitamins B6 and B12 as well as potassium, phosphorus, selenium, and protein. This fish is low in saturated fat – at only 0.233g per 100g serving. At that amount, you will also get 19.36g of protein.

  • Saturated Fatty Acids: 0.233 g
  • Protein: 19.38 g

For every 3-ounce raw serving of a red grouper, you will get 100 calories – about 5% of your daily calorie intake if you’re on a 2,000-calorie diet. Therefore, eating a red grouper is perfect when you’re watching your calories. A red grouper does not contain carbs and though there’s some fat, it’s mostly unsaturated.

Ordering Grouper Online makes online ordering fast and easy. Simply select the size fish you’d like to buy along with how you’d like it prepared, and add it to your cart. From there, during the checkout process, you may be given some shipping options. If you’re outside the state of Florida the only option we can give you is ‘overnight shipping’. We use excellent shipping coolers however the Grouper (and all seafood) we ship out needs to reach a final destination within a three-day window.

Not local to Pinellas County?
If you reside within the state of Florida but are not local to Pinellas/St. Pete/Clearwater, you can still take advantage of a much cheaper shipping option for Red Grouper and seafood orders than those located out of state. In-state online orders have the option of ‘Ground Shipping’

How to Cook Red Grouper

A quick Google search will bring up a wide array of options for cooking Red Grouper but one of our favorites includes a little lemon and a little kick! Check out our Lemon Kick’n Grouper Recipe here.


If our Red Grouper is currently out of stock, be sure to check our other fresh whole Grouper options here.

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Filleted Skin Off, Filleted Skin On (scaled), Whole fish scaled, finned & gilled, Whole fish 'as-is' (gutted)

2 reviews for Red Grouper

  1. Noisy R

    Thank you Don’s Dock. I have been waiting on online site to open and was was excited when it did. I received my first order and i am very pleased. My order was on time, nice fresh red Grouper. I will be ordering again and telling my friends.

  2. Jeremy

    Absolutely the best red grouper I’ve ever cooked.

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