Vermilion Snapper

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Price per pound of whole fish: $6

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Vermilion Snapper is a delicate, mild, flaky fish that is very similar to Red Snapper. These fish are great to bake or grill whole!

Florida’s Best Source for Sustainably Sourced

Vermilion Snapper finds its home in the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, all the way to southeastern Brazil. This includes the Gulf of Mexico where they can grow up to 2 feet long and weigh about 7 pounds, with a lifespan-extending to almost 15 years. Currently managed under the Fishery Management Plan for the Reef Fish Resources of the Gulf of Mexico, Wild Seafood Market proudly abides and promotes the species protection practices in place. Namely, following catch guidelines such as utilizing solely hook-and-line gear during their acquisition, our charters help to keep these populations above their target goal.

How much does Vermilion Snapper cost per pound?

Our company takes the reigns in providing you fresh and un-processed seafood, with our Vermilion Snapper being no exception. Currently, this species, with its streamlined body and rose-colored dorsal fin, is priced at $6 per pound for a whole fish. This works to bring a savory and nutrient-rich filled meal to your table without breaking the bank.

Our favorite Vermilion Snapper recipe

Vermilion Snapper is best compared as a smaller cousin to red snapper, at least when it comes to the kitchen and the various cooking methods most suited to the product. It gives rise to a mild, slightly sweet flavor that can be fitting for a multitude of recipes. For example, steamed snapper with ginger, lime, and cilantro can be prepared in 3 easy steps for anyone to enjoy. The first step calls for the combining of cilantro, lime juice, clam juice, green onion, fresh ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, and fish sauce to create your blend. Next, you want to start preparing your fish by placing a steamer rack or basket in a pot of boiling water and adding a glass pie dish on top, preferably one that’s 9-inches in diameter. Placing your fresh fish in the pie dish, you will pour a layer of cilantro sauce, as well as a sprinkle of both salt and pepper, over it. Lastly, you’ll cover and allow to cook for approximately 6 minutes and finish with a garnish of cilantro and ground ginger.

What is Vermilion Snapper best served with?

Though snapper and specifically this snapper, pairs well with a variety of flavors, your taste buds will thank you most when combining it with either cilantro, ginger, or soy sauce. Cooking method-wise, it is best prepared by being steamed, sauteed, or baked, but can be cooked in other ways as well such as poached. However, it’s been found that it produces a profound, sweet flavor when grilled, making this the most popular preparation method.  Have a look at our recipes for some excellent ideas on how to best cook your Snapper.

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Filleted Skin Off, Filleted Skin On (scaled), Whole fish scaled, finned & gilled, Whole fish 'as-is' (gutted)

1 review for Vermilion Snapper

  1. josh

    we ordered on a monday, got em tuesday and threw these babies on the grille that night they were so good cooked them whole highly recommend will order again

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