Stone Crab Claws

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  • Medium: 5-8 claws per pound
  • Large: 4-5 claws per pound
  • Jumbo: 3 claws per pound
  • Colossal: 2 claws per pound
  • Floaters: thin shell / mixed bag

*Larger claws have a higher price per pound
*Select a size below to see the price

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Fresh Caught Stone Crab Claws

Wild Seafood Market Stone Crab Claws come cooked and ready for your scrumptious consumption. Traditionally they are served chilled, however, if you prefer them warm, they can be steamed for 2 minutes to reheat.

How to enjoy our Stone Crab Claws

To begin, the Stone Crab Claws must first be cracked open using a mallet or another heavy instrument. Towels or cloths are advised during this process to stop shells from scattering. The mallet should lightly tap both sides of the Stone Crab claw’s knuckle in order to break into the meat. Avoid smashing too hard to prevent small shell fragments from ending up in the consumable part of your product.

Claws Best Served With

Serve these delicious Stone Crab Claws with traditional stone crab mustard sauce, melted butter, or simply enjoy plain!

How Many Stone Crab Claws Are In Each Online Order?

  • Medium: 5-8 claws per pound
  • Large: 4-5 claws per pound
  • Jumbo: 3 claws per pound
  • Colossal: 2 claws per pound
What’s the Cost of Stone Crab Claws?

The price of our Stone Crab Claws varies based on two key factors, the first and foremost being the current season. As supply goes down, the price goes up and as an effect during certain times of the year, there won’t be any claws in stock.
Secondly, the size of the claw. The larger the claw of the crab, the more meat there will be for consumption. For this reason, larger claws from older crabs are greatly sought after, thus yielding their higher price points.
To view our current market rates, select a size option at the top of this page and you will then see the price listed per pound.

What are Claw Floaters?

When the crab shell is growing up a size, the shell is still thin and hasn’t quite filled with meat yet. The air pocket, combined with the thin shell, allows the claws to float to the top of the pot when they are being cooked, giving them their nickname.
They come in a mixed bag of sizes, and the thinner shell means you’re paying for less shell AND they are easier to crack open. It’s a bit of a gamble on how much meat you are getting, but it’s definitely a local favorite and a great deal on fresh crab!

When is Stone Crab Season in Florida?

Season: October 15th thru May 1st is the current Stone Crab season in Florida’s Gulf of Mexico.

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Medium 5-8, Large 4-5, Jumbo 3, Colossal 2, Floaters 5-9

3 reviews for Stone Crab Claws

  1. Mary L

    Really fresh and the shells were full of meat. Excellent flavor too.

  2. Alex

    Oh my goodness. I had the most amazing stone crab for seafood festival. One pound of medium stone crab is $22.00. it is truly the freshest most flavorful stone crab I’ve eaten

  3. Mikerunners04

    They were good and got to us pretty quick

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