Snowy Grouper

Price per pound of whole fish: $11

*Grouper larger than 5 LBS will only be shipped as a fillet

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Snowy Grouper from Wild Seafood Market

If this amazingly delicious fish is in stock, don’t hesitate as it certainly won’t last long. Snowy Grouper is a seasonal fish and although it has a similar taste to Yellowedge, it’s highly sought-after.

Where is Snowy Grouper caught?

The Snowy Grouper you’ll find available for sale on Wild Seafood Market is sourced in the deep waters off the Florida shore in the Gulf of Mexico.

Snowy Grouper Info

Also known as the Brownie or Golden Grouper, the Snowy Grouper features dark brown skin with coin-sized white spots on the sides. The pearly white marking in the body is how the snowy grouper got its name. This type of grouper has wide eyes, largemouth, and wide tail fin. When a snowy grouper grows larger, it will typically lose the white spots and becomes dark brown in color with a coppery tint.

A snow grouper’s size averages at 30 pounds and 3 feet. Some can reach up to 70 pounds and 4 feet.

The snowy grouper is a deep-sea dweller, and you will commonly find them in rocky bottoms 300-600 feet deep in the water. But young snowy groupers prefer the shallow water and can be usually seen near the coast. This grouper can be found along the eastern coast from Virginia to the Gulf of Mexico.

Snowy Grouper Size Limit Florida

There is no minimum size limit when fishing for snowy grouper, both in recreational and commercial fishing. However, there is an aggregate bag limit of 4 per person for recreational fishers. This means that one person can only have up to 4 groupers, no matter the species.

The annual harvest limit for recreational fishing is 1,070,000 pounds in gutted weight. Meanwhile, the commercial annual harvest limit is 1,024,000 pounds.

How To Cook Snowy Grouper

Snowy grouper is like the Black grouper when it comes to texture, taste, and market size. Similarly, this grouper has a distinct mild flavor with light and sweet taste. Most people describe the large, chunky flakes of a snowy grouper to taste somewhere between a seabass and halibut, almost like a crab or lobster meat. Along with the scamp grouper, the snowy is one of the tastiest fish in the grouper family.

Like other groupers, the snowy grouper also features high moisture and oil content. As such, this fish can hold up in many culinary applications and techniques. You can prepare this fish using various cooking methods including pan roasting, grilling, sauteing, or making ceviche.

Broiling and baking are also both great ways to prepare a delicious main course using a scamp grouper. Bake your fillets with lots of dressings and herbs for a flavorful experience.

Snowy Grouper Price Per Pound

The average market price per pound of a snowy grouper can range between $11 to $13 – sometimes it can go as high $28. Here at Wild Seafood Market, you can get a whole snowy grouper at $11 per pound.

In general, groupers have limited domestic supply while the demand is high. Thus, it is typical for these fish to be more expensive than others. Beware of sellers offering extremely low prices as you might be getting substituted species of lesser value instead.

Sustainably Sourced Snowy Grouper

At Wild Seafood Market, you don’t have to worry about buying unethically sourced fish. All our fish and seafood products are sourced in the Gulf of Mexico by strictly adhering to local and federal regulations. Each of our fish has a traceable tag with QR codes that you can scan to trace where your snowy grouper came from – from our boat to the docks and straight into your kitchens.

Shipping Snowy Grouper

Ordering a snowy grouper from Wilf Seafood Market is easy and hassle-free. Simply go to the shop page, choose options (if you order a smaller snowy grouper, you can choose to have it shipped as a whole fish), and choose the shipping options that are right for you. Please note that any grouper larger than 5 lbs. will only be shipped as fillet due to the size.

For those ordering outside of Florida, you can only have your orders shipped using Overnight Shipping. This is because the fish needs to get to you within a 3-day timeframe to ensure freshness and maintain quality. We ship your orders in high-quality coolers for proper handling. This container can hold 10 lbs. of whole fish so it is advisable to keep your total order weight in increments of 10 lbs.

If you are ordering in-state, you can choose the much cheaper shipping option – Ground Shipping. For locals in Pinellas County, we also accept local pickup. Choose that option when you order and come to our store within business hours to personally get your order.

What’s the World Record for Snowy Grouper

Did you know? The current world record for a snowy grouper is a 70 pound and 7-ounce one caught by a guy named Roger Burnley. He caught the fish while angling in Norfolk Canyon, Virginia.

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