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What does Pompano taste like?

Our fresh, wild-caught Pompano is a firm white fish with beautiful almost iridescent silvery skin. This shining outer layer is edible meaning no scaling is required and the meat of the fish itself is easy to chew. Flavor-wise it yields a mild, clean taste that is almost sweet and subtle in its sea salt attributes. It is commonly known as “the most edible fish” due to its unique effect on the taste buds and somewhat flaky yet solid texture when cooked.

Sustainable Pompano Fishing

Here at Wild Seafood Market, we pride ourselves in our adherence to sustainability practices, our honesty, and our transparency.  Through these guidelines, we provide you with the highest quality, unprocessed fish in the Florida market while thoroughly observing and sustaining their wild populations. Not only do we hold fast to our strict standards when it comes to delivering proper fresh seafood to your table, but your product is guaranteed local allowing a giving back to your fishing community.

How to cook Pompano

The Pompano fish is a fantastic staple for any meal due to its easy prep work and flexible flavor making it a popular buy in our local seafood selections. This product can be eaten whole, as it readily comes off the bone, or halved lengthwise for 2 long fillets. As for cooking methods some choose to grill it, others bake it, but the simplest way to prepare it is by broiling with lemon and butter. The citrus aspects help to combat any fishy flavors, but the same can be done with olive oil, tarragon, and rosemary.  However, most find the product itself, given its own vibrant taste, enough without the use of other ingredients. The most famous method of preparing Pompano is called “en papillote”, which simply means cooking it in parchment.

What’s the Price of Good, Local-Sourced Pompano?

Our fresh Florida Pompano is priced at a fair $8 per pound of whole fish, though this may vary depending on its availability due to the season. In other words, Pompano is most concentrated in the Gulf of Mexico during the summer months, however, their habitat goes as far as Massachusetts and continues all the way to Brazil. These bottom feeders tend to stay away from clear waters and mainly habitat surf flats.

Our Pompano is Always Delivered Fresh

Wild Seafood Co., through the Wild Seafood Market, promises you product straight from the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Our charter boats travel right off John’s Pass to procure your fresh fish, crab, clams, and more.

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1 LB, 1.5 LB


Filleted Skin Off, Filleted Skin On (scaled), Whole fish scaled, finned & gilled, Whole fish 'as-is' (gutted)


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