Mutton Snapper

Price per pound of whole fish: $8

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Sustainably Sourced Mutton Snapper From Florida

Located in West-Central Florida on Pinellas County’s Gulf Coast, Wild Seafood Market produces only the freshest, most natural, and unprocessed product for your consuming pleasure, while remaining environmentally mindful. Our charter boats find their catch right off John’s Pass in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico and strictly adhere to regulations established by The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. All fish caught are provided Gulf Wild tracking tags, creating an extra layer of accountability and environmental awareness for their populations that we hold all our charter boats accountable for.

Is It Safe To Order Mutton Snapper Online?

Yes! Ordering our Mutton Snapper online is a quick, easy, and safe process. However, due to population fluctuations and our adherence to environmental guidelines, they’re not always available so it’s best to grab it while you can.

Our Shipping And Delivery Of Mutton Snapper

As a local seafood wholesaler, Wild Seafood Co. provides a variety of options for those all across the United States, delivering fresh, wild-caught fish to those residing both in and out of Florida. Namely a range of 3 secure shipping options exists for our customer’s ease of access.

    • Out-of-state orders

      Our company strives to provide both natural and unprocessed seafood through our charter boats that fish straight from the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We believe wholeheartedly in preserving the taste of our items through proper shipping methods. Consequently, all out-of-state deliveries are only available for overnight shipping to give you the best local seafood around.

    • In-state orders

      Those who are lucky enough to live within the state of Florida can opt for our ground shipping method. Not only does this bring the product to your table faster, but it’s cheaper as well.

    • Local in Pinellas

      If you’re a resident specifically in Pinellas County, Florida then it’s highly suggested to come straight to our local market at Don’s Dock in Madeira Beach. This provides local pickup and the freshest wild-caught seafood guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

How Does Mutton Snapper Compare To Red Snapper?

Though Red Snapper is fairly similar to Mutton Snapper there are some stark differences between the two. For example, though their habitat ranges fall close to the same, Mutton Snapper populations extend much further North than those of Red Snapper. In other words, Mutton Snappers can be found as far north as Massachusetts, though their numbers do thin as you go. In contrast, Red Snappers are more limited in range with populations extending no further north than North Carolina along the North, South Carolina, and Georgia lines. Lastly, Mutton Snappers are much more vibrant in color while Red Snappers remain a fairly solid red throughout the entirety of their body.

Our Favorite Mutton Snapper Recipe

Mutton Snapper can be incorporated into a variety of dishes as it’s a lean, firm fish with a sweet and mild taste. For instance, a great way to prepare it is as a delicious flaky, white fillet very similar to Red Snapper but without the higher cost. In the kitchen, one of our favorite Mutton Snapper recipes is Mutton Snapper With Mango Salsa. This recipe takes a total of 5 easy steps. To begin, you’ll want to preheat your oven to 450 degrees and score the fish, being careful to not pierce its flesh entirely. Next, lay a banana leaf along the center of a roasting pan or casserole dish, placing onions, cilantro, and jalapenos on top. You’ll want to prep your fish by seasoning the inside with salt, olive oil, and onion slices, then lay the fish on the onion bed, and topping it with the remaining onion, cilantro, jalapenos, olive oil, and lime juice. Lastly, you’ll want to wrap it, cover the pan with foil, and place it in the oven for around 45 minutes. The mango salsa is prepared separately and is simply a mixture of lime juice, mango, onion, bell peppers, and chiles.

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Filleted Skin Off, Filleted Skin On (scaled), Whole fish scaled, finned & gilled, Whole fish 'as-is' (gutted)


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