Mangrove Snapper

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Price per pound of whole fish: $8

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How does this Snapper compare to Red Snapper?

Mangrove Snapper has a pinker fillet compared to Red Snapper but at the same time is a very mild white fish.

Best Mangrove (Gray) Snapper Recipe

There are a plethora of delicious ways to cook mangrove snapper aka gray snapper. Among them include one of our deckhand’s favorites; Pineapple Crusted.

Pineapple Crusted Mangrove Snapper

Pineapple is an excellent compliment for the lean, firm texture of mangrove snapper. For this recipe, start by de-boning the fish and removing the skin. Following this, coat the product in olive oil and season with salt and pepper or one of our personal seasoning options.

Prepare the pineapple by chopping it into relatively small chunks and set this aside.

Next up, heat some lemon juice and a bit of vinegar with a pinch of sugar in a skillet. Bring the pan to a hot temperature via the medium heat setting. Once the mixture starts to bubble you’ll know it’s hot enough to add the snapper. Add the fish along with a bit of coconut milk and chopped onions (peppers too if you’d like). In addition, you’ll want to go ahead and dump the cut pineapple into the pan and cook for eight to twelve minutes or until your desired texture is reached. We generally prefer our fish closer to undercooked than over, however, if you do not fully cook the fish, food-borne illnesses can arise.

Mangrove Snapper Prices

How much does Mangrove Snapper cost per pound?

Mangrove Snapper fillets average $26 per pound from most U.S.-based suppliers. If you’re ordering online, and the supplier is located out-of-state, you’ll likely pay a premium with shipping costs considered. Whole Mangrove Snapper is considerably less per pound with the current North American rate near just $10 a pound.

What is Wild Seafood Market’s price per pound of whole Mangrove Snapper?

Our current market rate for whole mangrove snapper is $8. Please know that this rate is as of December 2021 and subject to change based on availability and market trends. Our whole mangrove snapper is sourced in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico within the strict regulations of sustainable fishing provided on federal and local state levels.
Select the size of your preferred mangrove snapper to see the total price. Although customers of our market may choose to have their fish filleted, the price listed is based on the weight of the whole fish. Mangrove snapper, once filleted, yields around 33% of fish meat. We recommend a pound of whole fish per serving size at the table.

Is Mangrove Snapper better-ordered whole, or filleted?

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra for shipping, and you have skill with the fillet knife, we always recommend ordering the whole mangrove snapper. Ordering the whole fish allows the edible fillet to remain the freshest form once cooked. However, fish larger than 5 pounds will have to be filleted prior to shipping to allow room for the fish to fit within our shipping coolers. If you’re in the Pinellas County, Florida area you can order online and pick up at our market in John’s Pass of Madeira Beach, Florida

Buy Florida Mangrove (Gray) Snapper Online

With a never-ending string of online seafood companies available for you to choose from, buying mangrove snapper online and choosing the right company to buy from is no easy task. Luckily, you’re already there. Why? When you purchase from Wild Seafood Market, you support a company that not only is the leader in sustainable fishing standards but also is able to give you the lowest prices per pound as we are the supplier.

Florida Buyers Save on Mangrove Snapper

If you’re a local to the state of Florida, we offer a very reasonable ‘ground shipping’ delivery option.

How to Fillet a Mangrove Snapper

Similar to Grouper, Snapper and Mangrove Snapper specifically is an easy fish to fillet if you ask any fisherman along Florida’s gulf coast. Starting with the primary cut down the dorsal fin you’ll let your knife run along the bones on the backside of the fish. From there, cut down the gill like to the belly of the fish. Peeling the fish open run your knife down to the bone inside the previous cut. The process continues however to help with better visualization of the process, we recommend following our guide on how to fillet a Grouper. Although this tutorial features a Grouper, the overall process is the same for Mangrove snapper.

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    Officially our favorite fish. Weren’t sure what we wanted so called and talked to Adam. He really knows his stuff!

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