Gag Grouper

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Price per pound of whole fish: $11

*Only able to ship as fillets: If you order a 10-pound fish, we will first fillet it, and you will be sent the filleted portion (roughly 3.5LBS).

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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What is Gag Grouper?

Gag Grouper is most commonly referred to in restaurants as Black Grouper (although the true black grouper is a Carborita Grouper). It has a firm mild fillet and is an excellent choice for dinner.  It also happens to be one of our personal favorites among all the Grouper species we are able to source.

Not Shipped As Whole Fish

Due to the large size of these groupers, we offer fillets only with online shipping.

How to get the whole Gag Grouper fish
If you are local to the Pinellas County, FL area, and would like to pick up your fish, you may select “Local Pickup” in the checkout however be sure to also make a note: “Do not filet” in the ‘special instructions’ area of the checkout.

Cheeks, Collar, and Wings of The Gag Grouper

If you’d like the cheeks, collar, or “wings” included in your order, leave a note in the ‘Special Instructions’ at checkout (under the Shipping & Payments section). Cheeks are only available with groupers.

Sustainably Sourced Gag Grouper from Florida

Wild Seafood Market is located in West-Central Florida on Pinellas County’s Gulf Coast. Our boats leave the local harbor of John’s Pass and fish responsibly, following all guidelines set forth by The Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission. Going even further beyond what’s required we also ensure each fish we catch is tagged with the Gulf Wild tracking tags. Gulf Wild is a fish tracking system developed by a group of fishing captains who saw the importance of tracking their wild catch. In effect, this program guarantees that the fish you serve was sustainably sourced.

Gag Grouper Price Per Pound

In the U.S. consumers can expect to pay around $12 per pound of whole Gag Grouper fish. Often, markets sell their Gag Grouper as the fillet which usually costs triple the whole fish price running about $35/LBS or more. As the direct supplier, Wild Seafood Market has the unique ability to bring the price of whole Gag Grouper down for consumer-level purchasers. Currently, as of December 2021, our market price for whole Gag Grouper is $10.00 per pound.

Currently, our market rate for Gag Grouper is $12 per pound of whole fish. Please keep in mind however that due to the large size of these fish we will filet the whole fish, and send you the filet. If you were to order a five-pound Gag Grouper, the filet we send would be close to the two-pound mark.

If you’d also like to know the market, per pound rates for Red Grouper, click here.

Online Orders and Shipping Our Gag Grouper

Out-of-state Grouper orders
As the supplier of Gag Grouper, we take the freshness of our product very seriously. All seafood offered online by Wild Seafood Market is sourced directly from our local waters in the Gulf Of Mexico. With freshness in mind, we are also sticklers for proper shipping methods. In other words, if you are located outside the state of Florida you will only be given the option of Overnight Shipping. This can get expensive so be sure to order plenty of fish and make it worth your while.
Florida Orders
If you happen to reside within Florida, good news; you can select Ground Shipping for a much cheaper shipping alternative.
Local Pickup in Pinellas
Furthermore, if you’re in Pinellas County you can select Local Pickup and stop by our market at Don’s Dock in Madeira Beach to avoid all shipping fees.

Cooking Gag Grouper

We’ve recently put out our own recipe with Grouper including a full step-by-step guide to help assure you enjoy one of the best Grouper dishes possible. Check it out here: Lemon Kick’n Grouper Recipe

What are the health benefits of Gag Grouper?

Like other species in the grouper family, Gag Grouper offers a range of nutrients while remaining low in saturated fat. For every 100g serving of this fish, you get 19.38g of protein, 53mg of sodium, and 36.5mcg of selenium. It is also a good source of potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins B6 and B12.

  • Saturated Fatty Acids: 0.233 g
  • Protein: 19.38 g

Grouper, including Gag Grouper, is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. One fillet of this fish provides 25 percent of your daily recommended allowance of Vitamin D. The same amount also gives 15 percent of iron, 20 percent of magnesium, and some B-complex vitamins. Eating a fillet of grouper also gives your body 8 percent of zinc and vitamin A.

Out of Stock?

If you don’t see any options to buy our Gag Grouper, be sure to check for more great Grouper options here.

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Filleted Skin Off, Filleted Skin On (scaled)

1 review for Gag Grouper

  1. Calvin Forte

    Great place to get very fresh fish and great prices. The catch is you have to buy the whole fish. However they will clean and filet the fish as you like. Bought a 3lb. Grouper and a half a pound of jumbo shrimp for $42. It was plenty for and it was delicious. A great dinner date at home. I will become a regular

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