Fresh Fish Heads


Fresh Fish Heads $3.50/lb- in 10lb lots, 1 lot per shipping box.

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Our Fish Heads | Grouper & Snapper

Our fish heads are comprised of a mix of grouper and snapper fish heads only. In addition, the collars and cheeks may already be removed.

Online Price & Shipping

Our Fresh Fish Heads cost $3.50/lb and are packaged into 10lb lots with 1 lot able to fit in each shipping box.

The Best Place for Sustainably Sourced Fresh Fish Heads in Florida

As a leader in sustainably sourced fish, Wild Seafood Market takes pride in the responsible stewardship of the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s part of our mission to provide the highest quality, sustainably sourced seafood in Florida. Our fresh fish heads are a mix of wild-caught grouper and snapper and are delivered fresh to you at an affordable price.

What is Our Price For Fresh Fish Heads Per Pound?

Our always wild-caught, never frozen fish heads come in 10 pound lots for the affordable price of $3.50 per pound, and each 10-pound lot is shipped in one box.

When You Order Fresh Fish Heads Direct Online From

If you have been looking for the highest quality, sustainably sourced fish heads in Florida then you have come to the right place. We provide ecologically sourced fresh grouper and snapper fish heads delivered directly to you from John’s Pass Florida. So whether it’s for your favorite fresh fish head soup recipe or if you are making a fish head curry, you won’t be disappointed when selecting our product for your meal.

Shipping Online Fish Head Orders

When you order from Florida you can select our ground shipping option for extra savings. Out-of-state orders require ‘overnight’ shipping.

Can Dogs Eat These Fish Heads?

You may find this to be a controversial topic among dog lovers and especially those who feed their dog’s raw diets. We don’t actually recommend feeding your four-legged friends fish heads.
Why? Unless your dog has fish built into their regular diet they likely will not easily digest the tougher skin and cartilage that comprises the head. Also, Snapper and Grouper tend to have slightly tougher skin and cartilage than Salmon, which is more traditionally used in dog diets.
On the flip-side, if your pup is accustomed to eating fish as part of their regular diet they’ll be relatively unaffected by fish heads, however, we still wouldn’t recommend it to be a habitual ingredient in their meals.


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