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How to cook fresh fish with an Air Fryer

Picture this: you, an air fryer, and a fresh fish ready for a culinary tango. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos, and hello to a quirky, healthy, and surprisingly fun way to cook fish. From fish selection to crispy triumph, we’ve got your back on this flavor-filled adventure. So, buckle up, because we’re about to turn your kitchen into a crispy fish haven with a dash of humor and a whole lot of deliciousness.

Okay, full disclosure, I may have written that after a glass of wine. Also, I used snapper but my images came out horrible so I found some stock photos of a salmon fillet cooked in air fryer. The same methods are totally applicable. Trust me.

Selecting the Right Fresh Fish

This should be a no-brainer. Simply head over to our online seafood market and see what’s on in-stock. Order online and have it to your door the next day (shipping times may vary).

Preparing Fish For the Air Fryer

Now that you and your fish are ready to tango with the air fryer, it’s time to jazz up your aquatic amigo. Think of this as your fish’s red-carpet moment – the makeover before the fryer’s grand entrance.

  1. Clean and Gut (If Necessary): This is your fish’s spa day. Give it a good rinse and, if needed, a fishy makeover by removing innards and scales. Remember, a squeaky-clean fish is a happy fish! If you bought your fish from us, you would have had the option to get the fish properly prepared for your pre-shippment.
  2. Season with Swagger: Get creative with seasonings. Your fish wants to be the star of the show, so dress it up with spices, herbs, or a tantalizing marinade. Make it sizzle with style.
  3. Oil Up: We coated both sides of our fillet with olive oil. This helps keep the flavor in while also giving a light crunch to the final cooked fish.
  4. Fish Massage: Gently massage those flavors in, ensuring they’re besties with your fish. The fresher, the better – it’s like a spa treatment for your seafood superstar.

Your fish is now feeling fabulous and ready for its moment in the air fryer spotlight. So, let’s keep the show rolling!

Prepare the Fryer

Imagine this as the warm-up before the big game. Your air fryer needs to get in the zone before the fish takes center stage. Here’s how to give it that pre-show pep talk:

Salmon fillet in air fryer
Salmon fillet in air fryer
  1. Hot Date: Set the air fryer to the right temperature, typically 375°F (190°C). Think of it as giving your air fryer a fashionable makeover in its red carpet attire.
  2. Patience, My Friend: Wait for the air fryer to reach the desired temperature. It’s like letting your best friend choose the perfect Instagram filter – patience leads to perfection.
  3. Spray: I like to spray a little cooking spray on our fryer basket and let it sit for about 30 seconds prior to putting anything it. If you see droplets, give the basket a light wipe with a paper towel. The spray is for non-stock, not for flavor.

Now, your air fryer is ready to roll, and your fish is in for a fantastic, sizzling performance. Let’s get this show on the road!

Cooking Your Fish

Place the Fish in the Air Fryer: Now, it’s time for your fish to make an entrance. Lay it gently in the preheated air fryer basket. It’s showtime! No overcrowding, though; your fish wants its space.

Cooking Time and Temperature: Your fish’s performance time varies based on its role (thickness) and personality (type). Thin fillets may do a quick 5-7 minute act at 375°F (190°C), while thicker fish steaks might need a 12-15 minute feature presentation. Adjust according to your fish’s needs!

Flip (Optional): Some fish love to show off both sides. If your fish is one of them, flip it gracefully halfway through for an even tan – or, well, crisp.

Monitor Doneness: Keep a close eye on your fish. It should turn opaque and flake easily. The internal temperature should hit 145°F (63°C). Just like the perfect punchline, timing is everything!

Server and Garnish

As the curtain falls, carefully remove your fish from the air fryer. It deserves a standing ovation. Let it rest for a minute before serving – even stars need a moment to bask in the applause.

We put a fresh lemon wedge over our Snapper, however, the iPhone really failed us this time so please enjoy this image of a salmon cooked properly with a lemon wedge aside it.

Salmon cooked in air fryer
Salmon cooked in air fryer

And there you have it – your fresh fish’s culinary debut in the air fryer! A delicious performance that will leave your taste buds applauding.

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