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How Much Snapper & Grouper is Supplied by Wild Seafood Market?

Looking for a reliable supplier of the freshest fish out of the Gulf? At Wild Seafood Market, you can get fresh, wild-caught seafood at the best prices. Unlike other online seafood markets, we are the direct supplier; thus, there’s no markup in our prices. More importantly, when you buy from local suppliers like Wild Seafood Market you are helping further sustainable fishing.

All our in-stock fish and shellfish are dependent on which of our boats are fishing and the areas are targeted. The gear used by our boats, the season, and the weather also affects what seafood we have in stock. With the aim of providing local and sustainable products, we won’t have every species available all the time.

In Pinellas County, Floirda, home to over one million residents, we are well known as the place to go for the best local caught Snapper and Grouper. At Wild Seafood Market, we supply anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 pounds of Snapper and Grouper every month. You can always check our online shop for available snapper or grouper variety – Red Grouper and Red Snapper are almost always in stock.

Who Does Wild Seafood Market Supply To?

Wild Seafood Market boats venture out to the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico from the dock in Madeira Beach where they often stay for weeks at a time. We stock our own retail market and ship our seafood commercially to 26 states. Much of our seafood stock goes to the local markets in Pinellas County as well as groceries and markets within Florida.

All our fish have the traceable Gulf Wild tracking tag so customers can check where your fish came from, what boat it’s unloaded from, and more.

What Species Grouper Do You Supply?

We specialize in various grouper and snapper species. We have boats unloading thousands of pounds of grouper and more, multiple times a week. When it comes to Grouper, mostly we stock Red Grouper, Scamp Grouper, and Gag Grouper. We also stock other grouper species, but they are more seasonal. You can check out which grouper species are currently available here.

When ordering online, you can order filleted or whole grouper depending on the size. When viewing a grouper option on our website, you’ll be given options to have it shipped as a whole fish or filleted. Any fish that’s bigger than 5lbs is sold and shipped only as fillets due to the size. Depending on where you live, you can have a grouper that’s been caught just hours prior to your purchase.

What Species Snapper Do You Supply?

At our market, we offer various snapper species including Lane Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Mutton Snapper, and Red Snapper. Considered to be one of the best-tasting fish, snapper is among the most commonly in-stock fish that we sell. Red Snapper is almost always in stock while other species are available seasonally.

Our stock of fish, including snapper, changes frequently. What we have available is dependent on what’s in season as well as the local demand. To see what’s in stock today, click here to view our Snapper options.

Sustainably Sourced Snapper and Grouper

Here at Wild Seafood Market, we love the fish we source yet also know the importance of fishing sustainably. Thus, our goal has always been to assure all our customers that the snapper, grouper, and other seafood that we sell are always harvested sustainably. We do not only adhere to local and federal regulations but also go the extra mile in setting the standards for responsible fishing.

The owner of Wild Seafood Market, Jason DeLaCruz, is one of the founders behind the Gulf Wild traceable fish tag program. Customers can use these tags to see exactly where the fish they buy came from. This unique system aims to enforce accountability and eco-friendly fishing practices throughout the Gulf of Mexico and has numerous other suppliers on board to help further sustainable fishing. The program started in 2011 and uses a QR code that anyone can scan to follow the journey of the fish they’re buying – from where it came from, what boat unloaded it and where it’s been until it arrives in your kitchen.

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