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How Florida Shoppers Can Save on Shipping

Cliff notes version: We are the supplier and our seafood is always delivered fresh, however, it’s not always frozen like a rock. This means we have to ship orders fast and as our market is in Florida, we give only Florida shoppers the Ground shipping option. Use this during checkout to save BIG compared to Overnight Shipping.

Have you been craving fresh seafood but don’t want to go out or have no time to go to the fish market? These days, getting the best and highest quality seafood has never been easier. You can simply order online and have the freshest fish delivered direct to your doorstep. At Wild Seafood Market, you can get seafood delivery in Florida without worrying about expensive shipping costs.

Whether you need clams, scallops, snow crabs, shrimps, oysters, or fresh fish, Wild Seafood Market has you covered. Catering to both local and national market since 2011, Wild Seafood Market is established in both commercial and direct to consumer seafood delivery. And the good news is that they can ship nationwide throughout the US.

So, how fast can you get your orders when you buy seafood online in Florida? That depends on where you live and what shipping options you choose. You can check Wild Seafood Market’s online shop and view the estimated shipping times. The estimated arrival of your order as well as the delivery fee will be calculated at checkout.

Wild Seafood Market Shipping Options

When it comes to shipping options, Wild Seafood Market offers Ground Shipping, Overnight, and Local Pickup. Generally, seafood orders ship out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You must remember these shipping days so you can place your orders accordingly. For example, if you place your order on a Friday, even if you choose Overnight shipping, it will not ship out until Monday.

Overnight Shipping – When you choose to overnight for your seafood orders, expect to pay more. But, if you live outside of Florida, this is the only viable option for you. In return, you will get your orders at your doorsteps within one to two days. This option is also available to those living in Florida.

Ground Shipping – This option is only available only for orders within the state of Florida. With the logistics involved, it’s impossible to preserve the freshness of any seafood using this shipping option. Thus, it’s not available to orders from other states.

Local Pickup – If you live near Wild Seafood Market, they can accommodate local pickup for your orders. There’s no need to pay any delivery fee and you can get your orders anytime within the day – as long as it is within the store’s business hours, seven days a week. Hours are generally 7am to 6pm Monday thru Sunday, however, be sure to check our current hours before heading in for a pickup.

How Florida Residents Save

Wild Seafood Market doesn’t stockpile seafood in giant freezers (unlike much of our online competition). Also unique to our online store, it’s stocked with our very own supply of seafood. We are not a middle-man in the supply chain. We also do not fully freeze our fresh seafood which means we have to get seafood to consumers fast.

This is also a huge bonus to the Florida consumer as there are few other means by which you can acquire truly fresh fish without having to drive to the local seafood market.

How We Pack Shipments

Fresh whole fish and shrimp are packed into disposable coolers able to keep them cold for up to three days. This limits the shipping options for the rest of the country yet Ground shipping remains viable for Florida orders. On average, shipping of these coolers via UPS Ground costs around $20 while overnight shipping for the same cooler may run upwards of $100 for the same size shipment.

All seafood delivery in Florida and other states are shipped in 10lb coolers to ensure proper handling and preserve the freshness of your orders. To help you maximize and get more value for your money, it is advisable that you order in increments of 10lbs or less.

The core value of Wild Seafood Market is to adhere to sustainable fishing practices while providing consumers with truly fresh seafood.

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