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Seafood on Christmas dinner, origin story
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Is Seafood Is Taking Over Christmas Dinner?

As sleigh bells jingle and carolers harmonize, an unexpected guest is swimming its way to the forefront of Christmas feasts—seafood! Gone are the days when only roasted turkeys and honey-glazed hams held the spotlight; now, it’s the era of ocean bounty. In this whimsical yet insightful journey, we’ll dive deep into the briny depths of…

Grouper underwater in Gulf of Mexico
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The Grouper Chronicles: A Day in the Life of Florida’s Favorite Fish

In the underwater world of Florida’s coastal waters, the grouper plays the unsung hero—or should we say, the under-sung fish? These robust, bottom-dwelling fish might not have the sleek charm of dolphins or the fearsome reputation of sharks, but they hold a special place in the ecosystem and in the hearts (and stomachs) of Floridians….

Woman underwater on laptop in Gulf of Mexico near Florida
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Top 7 Online Seafood Retailers

In the digital age, the convenience of online shopping has extended to virtually every aspect of our lives, including how we purchase our food. Seafood lovers now have the luxury of accessing a vast array of fresh, high-quality seafood from the comfort of their homes. This article delves into the world of online seafood shopping,…

Florida Stone Crabs
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Florida’s Stone Crab Season Is ON

When the cool winds of October begin to sweep across Florida’s sun-kissed shores, a palpable excitement stirs among seafood aficionados: it heralds the start of the much-anticipated stone crab season. These robust crustaceans, renowned for their sweet, tender meat, are not only a staple in Florida’s culinary scene but also a testament to the state’s…

Laptop on dock ordering seafood online

Online Only

Wild Seafood is now an online-only seafood market, supplying fresh, local seafood to your door. Our goal is to open a new storefront in the near future, so please keep an eye out for address and information. In the meantime, head over to our website to order your fresh seafood today.

Fresh fruit and veggies with fresh fish on healthy board
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How Wild-Caught Seafood Promotes a Healthy Diet

Seafood has long been known for its nutritional value and role in promoting a healthy diet. However, not all seafood is properly sourced and health benefits can vary. While both farmed and wild-caught seafood have their merits, farmed seafood usually has higher Omega-3 contents and may have higher contaminants due to farming conditions. Also, not…

Mangrove Snapper compared to Mutton Snapper
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Comparing Mangrove & Mutton Snapper

Alongside Grouper and Hogfish, Snapper is considered among the best-tasting fish coming off Florida’s Gulf shores. Snapper is more delicate than Grouper when it comes to taste and features a more profound flavor when grilled. Most restaurants offer snapper in various ways – filleted or whole. Here at Wild Seafood Market, we offer various snapper…

Snapper and grouper on ice at offload
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Fish We Almost Always Have In-Stock

Throughout the year, we stock a wide array of fresh, wild-caught fish options. Depending on the season and where our boats have fished, we have different kinds and types of seafood available. We sell whole and filleted fish, and we even clean them for you. Some species like Hogfish and Tilefish are somewhat rare to…

Top 10 Tasty Fish of the Gulf of Mexico
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Top 10 Tasty Fish in The Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf is home to a multitude of delicious fish. Hence, the allure to fishermen – both for sport and commercially. The Gulf of Mexico has a near-perfect climate for sport fishing, recreational and long-line offshore commercial fishing. In fact, it is primed as a great area to charter a boat and experience a day…

Floridian with Seafood
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Why Floridians Love Wild Seafood Market

If you’re craving fresh, wild-caught seafood, even the locals here in Madeira Beach will tell you, Wild Seafood Market at Don’s Dock is the spot! Due to the high costs associated with shipping outside of Florida, we’ve grown a large customer base greatly composed of Floridians. Some found us on beachside vacation here, while others…

Grouper and Snapper Supply from offload
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How Much Snapper & Grouper is Supplied by Wild Seafood Market?

Looking for a reliable supplier of the freshest fish out of the Gulf? At Wild Seafood Market, you can get fresh, wild-caught seafood at the best prices. Unlike other online seafood markets, we are the direct supplier; thus, there’s no markup in our prices. More importantly, when you buy from local suppliers like Wild Seafood…

Wild Seafood Market in Johns Pass
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The Wild Seafood Market Experience at John’s Pass

Wild Seafood Market offers anyone the ability to serve up the best tasting seafood dish in the comfort of their own kitchen. As a bonus, due to its location at John’s Pass Village, the market also offers a unique experience of epic views and the option to watch experts fillet fish directly on the dock….

Wild Seafood Crew stocking supply of fresh fish
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Is Wild Seafood Market prone to supply chain issues?

To quickly qualm any concerns the title of this article may yield, the ultimate answer is “not really”. We source our own fish, however, there a few Florida-based suppliers we work with to bring in certain shellfish. With other big resellers experiencing shortages we have seen a higher demand at our market, which could be…

Wild caught fish and seafood at boat offload
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How To Buy Wild Caught Seafood in Florida

The overall nutritional benefits of eating fresh, wild-caught seafood more often than not exceed those from farm-raised fish. “More often than not” is actually a huge understatement. There are very few circumstances that would yield to farm-raised fish having more health benefits than wild-caught seafood. Only when farm-raised fish are produced with the most ethical…

Farm raised vs fresh caught off the boat
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Why Choose Wild Caught, USA Sourced Fish?

Supporting your local fish markets, helping further sustainable fishing, and acquiring only the highest quality, best-tasting fish you’ll ever enjoy are just a few of the top reasons why you should always choose wild-caught fish sourced right here in the USA. If you’re abroad, outside the United States be sure to look for a wild-caught…

Laptop on dock ordering seafood online
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How To Order Seafood & Fresh Fish Online

In this article, we start with an overview of online ordering and finding the right seafood supplier for attaining the best fresh seafood available. From there, we will break down the ordering system for this very website, Chances are good that these same steps will apply to most other USA-based retail seafood suppliers. Selecting…

Mangrove Snapper and Red Snapper
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Mangrove Snapper VS Red Snapper, What’s the Difference?

Both the mangrove snapper and red snapper are impressive fish in their own ways. While some snappers are known for being excellent table fare than the others, all snappers taste great and certainly have a place on the table. So, what’s the difference between these two?  Physical appearance and some slight variations in flavor separate…

Support sustainable fishing
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How Can I Support Sustainable Fishing?

You’re likely not a commercial fisherman nor in a place to directly effect regulations and thinking “so what can I do?” You have power to effect change and it’s in your wallet (or purse). Where you spend money is much like casting a vote. Choosing to support the wrong candidate results in companies that don’t…

Red Grouper and Scamp Grouper side by side
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Red Grouper Vs Scamp Grouper, What’s the Difference? 

Groupers are most renowned for having excellent food value and flavor. There are more than 400 different species but the most popular in Florida are the Red, Black, and Gag groupers. You are always likely to find red grouper on the menu of seafood restaurants and sold at seafood markets. Meanwhile, the scamp grouper is…

Fresh Red Snapper on Ice
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Finding the Best Red Snapper to Order Online

Looking for fresh snapper yet have no time to go to the fish market? Possibly there’s no seafood market nearby… Good news! Wild Seafood Market offers the freshest variety of Snapper in Florida, and you can order your favorite snapper online. Happen to live in Florida? You can save even more when you order online…

Red Snapper and Grouper
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Snapper vs. Grouper, What’s The Difference?

The deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico are home to over 10,000 different species of fish. This can make selecting your desired product difficult. However, some of the most sought-after species are typically either Grouper or Snapper, and with good reason. Though these fish are similar, they have an array of differences which will…

Grouper fillet on table with boning knife
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How to Fillet a Grouper | Most Meat, No Bones | Plus Cheeks

So, you just got your delivery of whole snapper or grouper. Are you thinking about what way to prepare your fish? How about baked or grilled fillet? It’s the easiest way to make sure you get a most meat, flaky, tender, and amazing entrée. And we’re going to teach you how to fillet a fish,…

Gulf Wild tracking tag on red snapper
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What is the Gulf Wild fish tracking tag?

We all have a responsibility in how we expend the finite resources this planet yields us. Thus, we must think about sustainability when it especially when it comes to fishing. ‘Gulf Wild’ was established as an answer to this need. With an overall mission of seafood sustainability and fishery conservation, the organization is providing support…