Gulf of Mexico, atlantic & surrounding waters

This is not a comprehensive list of Gulf fish species but instead a list of the fish we sell, starting with our top two categories of fish, Grouper and Snapper.


Black Grouper

aka: Mycteroperca bonaci
found: Gulf of Mexico & Atlantic/Caribbean

Considered as one of the best types of groupers to eat, the Black grouper is one of the popular options in the seafood market. It features a very mild and unique taste. Most people describe the flavor of this fish to be somewhat a cross between a Halibut and a Bass. The flavor profile is distinct and more delicious than other groupers. And because of the Black grouper’s diet, you’d find that its flavor is close to that of a lobster and shrimp.

Black Grouper Prep in the kitchen

Typical of a grouper, the Black grouper also has firm and lean flesh. It also has a versatile culinary profile and can be prepared in different ways. You can cook it by baking, broiling, pan-searing, or baking. The fish goes well with herbs and sauces like hollandaise.

Black Grouper Availability

The Black grouper is a specialty variety on the Wild Seafood Market and thus not caught or sold often. We do not currently stock or sell our Black Grouper via our online market.

Gag Grouper

aka: Mycteroperca microlepis
found: Gulf of Mexico & South Atlantic

Though it looks really similar to a black grouper, the gag grouper is a different type of grouper. It’s understandable, however, because the two shares many common traits and are almost identical. Like other groupers, a gag grouper has a very mild flavor and versatile culinary profile. When it comes to taste and texture, it is comparable to that of a seabass or halibut.

Cooking Gag Grouper

Thanks to its flavor versatility, a gag grouper is very easy to prepare and there are various ways to prepare it. The high oil and moisture content of this fish makes it difficult to overcook. Thus, you can never go wrong whether you want it pan-seared, baked, or grilled. The high oil content protects the fish from drying out so you’ll always have great-tasting dishes no matter how you prepare it.

Gag Grouper Availability

This grouper is often sold year-round at Wild Seafood Market. We ship it either filleted or whole. Check the product page for current stock levels. Sold as a whole fish up to 5LBS. Fish larger than this will not fit into our shipping coolers.

Scamp Grouper

found: Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico
aka: Scamp

The scamp grouper is smaller than black grouper but is more popular and high-prized. Like all groupers, scamp features a distinctive but mild flavor. People often say that the flavor is comparable to that of a sea bass or halibut. It has excellent food value because of its white meat, chunky flakes, and sweet taste. Think of lobster or crab meat; that’s how the scamp grouper taste.

how to prepare scamp grouper

This grouper is versatile and tastes excellent however you serve it. The subtle flavor of the fish is great for absorbing dressings and marinades. It has high oil and moisture content, so people serve this pan-seared or baked with lots of dressing and herbs.

Scamp Grouper availability

At Wild Seafood Market, you often find scamp grouper year-round. All our seafood products are sourced ethically from the Gulf of Mexico. We’ll send your scamp grouper order either whole or filleted depending on your selection. However, larger Scamps must be filleted in order to fit inside the shipping cooler. To see if we have Scamp Grouper in stock, check out the product page.

Speckled Hind

aka: Strawberry Grouper & Calico Grouper
found: Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico

Also known as the Calico grouper or Strawberry grouper, the Speckled Hind grouper is considered to have the best flavor and texture among the Pacific grouper type. The flavor of this fish is comparable to the Nassau grouper. Like any other grouper, the Speckled Hind features a mild taste with a faintly sweet undertone. It has high oil content and with firm, large flakes.

Cooking Speckled Hind

Due to its high oil content, this fish locks moisture so it won’t easily dry out during the cooking process. You can use various cooking methods for this fish, including pan-searing, deep-frying, blackening, steaming, baking, or broiling.

speckled hind grouper Availability

The Speckled Hind is another specialty type of grouper at Wild Seafood Market. Thus, it is not caught or sold often. We do not currently offer Speckled Hind Grouper on our online store.

Red Grouper

aka: Epinephelus morio
found: Mid-Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico

Red grouper is considered the better option among all groupers. If you like your fish to be lean, moist, with large flakes and have a firm texture, this is what you want. This fish has a more mild flavor and slightly sweeter taste than black grouper. Because of its diet, a red grouper has a distinct shellfish finish, making it the best-tasting grouper.

Red Grouper – How to cook

This grouper type has high oil content and dense flakes. Thus, it is very versatile when it comes to culinary options and very easy to prepare. You can have them pan-seared, grilled, baked, or broiled. Like other groupers, the red grouper is a good source of vitamins B12 and B6, protein, selenium, phosphorus, and potassium. It is also low in saturated fat.

Red grouper Availability

Wild Seafood Market sells red grouper year-round. Our red grouper is sourced in the Gulf of Mexico. You can order yours whole or filleted. Larger Red Grouper can only be sold online after filleted due to the constraints of our shipping coolers. To see what size Red Grouper we have available view the Red Grouper product page.

Yellow-Edge Grouper

aka: Epinephelus flavolimbatus
found: Gulf of Mexico

Known for the yellow lines decorating the edge of its fins, the Yellow Edge grouper is a large type of grouper and one of the most popular. According to chefs who prepare Yellow Edge grouper, the meat of this fish holds moisture more than most fish. Thus, preparing it in a variety of way is easy.

Cooking Yellowedge

You can cook a Yellow Edge grouper by pan-searing, baking, broiling, or grilling. It is also an excellent fish to use for soups and chowders. As is common with groupers, this fish also features a mild and unique flavor. Most people describe the taste as being similar to that of a Bass or a Halibut.

yellow edge online Availability

This grouper is caught in deep waters and thus only available seasonally, most often between June to September. To see if have it in-stock today, check our Yellowedge Grouper product page here.


Lane Snapper

aka: Candy Snapper / Lutjanus synagris
found: Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico

The Lane Snapper is regarded as a fish with delicate skin and flavor. It is considered great fish for preparing delicious meals because of its tasty and sweet flavor as well as firm flesh. Because this snapper mainly feeds on crabs and shrimp, this fish has a great flavor profile and goes well with various seasonings, and can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Cooking Lane Snapper

This type of snapper has a near-white flesh and is flavorful without any strong taste. Thus, it’s the best option for preparing a dish that’s interesting enough for fish enthusiasts without offending the taste of those who prefer the less flavorful kind. You can prepare this fish with lots of herbs or crumb coats when pan-frying or baking.

Lane Snapper Availability

You can get this fish nearly year-round at Wild Seafood Market. See what we have in-stock today.

Mangrove Snapper

aka: Lutjanus griseus
found: Atlantic, Bermuda, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico

Like other types of snappers, the Mango Snapper features a mild, sweet, and juicy flavor profile. Whether you like your snapper fried, broiled, or baked, this fish is among the most delicious. Most chefs also like the fact that it goes well with most cooking methods. As for the seasoning, you can never go wrong with fresh chili peppers, lemon, or butter.

Cooking mangrove snapper

In addition to its versatility and delicious taste, a Mango Snapper is also healthy. It contains calcium, protein, and iron. Plus, this fish is low on saturated fats, calories, and cholesterol. It’s good for your health!

mangrove Snapper Availability

You can order the Mangrove Snapper all year round at the Wild Seafood Market even though it is mostly a bycatch.  See the current market rates and check our stock levels of fresh Mangrove Snapper here.

Mutton Snapper

aka: Lutjanus analis
found: Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico

Typical of snapper, the Mutton Snapper features a lean and firm texture. It has a white flesh that’s tinted with some pink hues. Most mutton snapper is sold in smaller sizes compared to other snappers. However, Mutton Snappers can also grow bigger while the tenderness, taste, and flavor remain the same as the regular-sized ones.

Cooking mutton snapper

And like other types of snappers, you can cook a Mutton Snapper using different methods such as frying, poaching, steaming, baking, broiling, and grilling. Seasoning is also easy as this fish goes well with common kitchen staples such as lemon, chilis, and butter.

Mutton Availability

You can often order Mutton Snapper from Wild Seafood Market although they are not always available due to population fluctuations and environmental guidelines.  Check to see if it’s in stock today here.

Red Snapper

aka: Lutjanus campechanus
found: South Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico

The Red Snapper is a popular culinary choice among all white fish. It features a firm and sweet texture as well as a nutty flavor. Thus, it is a favorite among chefs for grilling whole, broiling, or as main ingredients of fish tacos. For those cooking at home, you can either choose to order a Red Snapper as a whole or filleted.

Cooking Red snapper

Whole Red Snappers are great for broiling, grilling, deep-frying, steaming, baking, or pan-frying. Filleted meat of this fish is good for steaming or pan-frying. If you like fish stew, this is also a great option. The light and sweet flavor of this fish makes it very versatile and goes well with any seasoning.

Red Snapper Availability

At Wild Seafood Market, we have Red Snapper in-stock year-round. You can order it whole or filleted. See the current market rates and learn more about Red-Snapper here.

Vermilion Snapper

aka: Rhomboplites aurorubens & Clubhead snapper
found: South Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico

The Vermilion Snapper is considered as the smaller cousin of the Red Snapper because of its bright shade of red. When it comes to taste, the Red Snapper and Vermilion Snapper are quite similar. Both have sweet and mild flavor that’s not too oily. 

how to prepare Vermilion Snapper

The meat of this fish is often described as a melt-in-your-mouth kind that doesn’t have a strong “fishy” taste. The mild and sweet flavor profile of this snapper goes well with ginger, cilantro, and soy sauce. The suggested cooking method includes steamed, sauteed, or baked. 

Vermillion Snapper availability

At Wild Seafood Market, you can order Vermilion Snapper intermittently throughout the year. This fish is a bycatch but we usually offer them. Check the prices and see what size whole Vermilion Snapper we have in stock here

Yellowtail Snapper

aka: Ocyurus chrysurus
found: Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico

Yellowtail Snapper is similar in taste to a Red Snapper. Both have a mild flavor and firm flesh. This fish also has some similarities with swordfish and grouper. In fact, it is considered as an affordable alternative to the more expensive grouper or swordfish. Prized for its gentle and flaky meat, many households prefer this type of snapper. 

how to prepare yellowtail Snapper

Because of its flavor profile, the Yellowtail Snapper is also versatile when it comes to culinary options. You can prepare this fish by frying, poaching, baking, grilling, and even steaming. 

yellowtail Snapper availability

We offer Yellowtail Snapper as a specialty fish. We do not often have it in stock however be sure to check out the Vermillion Snapper product page here to see our current stock levels.

Specialty Fish


Looking for a melt-in-your-mouth fish to serve for a special dinner? The Hogfish is one of the best choices for cooking delicious fish dishes. It features tender, lean, white meat. This fish has sweet undertones that perfectly complement its mild flavor. Some are even saying that Hogfish meat is flaky and as delicious as scallops.

hogfish cooking

You can cook this Hogfish using various methods; this fish is good fried, sauteed, broiled, or baked. It has high oil and moisture content, so you never have to worry about eating dry fish meat. A Hogfish fillet is also great for making a sandwich; just add cheese and some grilled onions.


We sell Hogfish at Wild Seafood Market as a specialty fish and availability is often most dependent on the weather. To see if we’ve Hogfish in stock today, have a look at the product page where you can also find pricing and more information including how we sustainably harvest our Hogfish.


If you want to serve delicious and healthier fish dishes, the Lionfish is your best bet. It’s been proven that a Lionfish has higher Omega-3 fatty acids and low in saturated fats as well as mercury content. The white, flaky flesh of this fish features a firmer texture and a mild, buttery flavor.

Cooking Lionfish

The Lionfish has a moist, very tender meat and a flavor profile that’s like a cross between shrimp and lobster meat. The buttery taste is just perfect for dishes that call for lime juice such as ceviche.

lionfish Availability

Looking to order Lionfish? We offer Lionfish as part of our specialty lineup, however, availability depends on the weather so be sure to check our Lionfish product page and see what’s in stock today.


Known to some as the black salmon, the Cobia is a delicious and highly sustainable fish. It has white, large flakes and firm texture. The flavor profile is usually described as a mild taste with sweet undertones. This saltwater fish can be served in various ways including pan-seared, sauteed, braised, smoked, poached, or grilled.

Tile Fish

Golden Tile

The Golden Tile is the most common type of tilefish that you can find in any seafood market. Like most of the fish we sell at Wild Seafood Market, this is mainly sourced from the Gulf of Mexico. This fish features a delicious and sweet flavor because of its diet; its most usual prey are crabs.

Golden Tilefish
Golden Tilefish

how to prepare Golden Tilefish

Chefs have recognized the Golden Tile as a culinary superstar because of its great flavor and firm, tender meat. This can be prepared in various ways and the flavor profile of this fish slightly change depending on the cooking method. Baked and broiled Golden Tile retains its mild and sweet notes while the battered and fried versions will have a tender texture and mild flavor.

Golden Tile availability

Golden Tile Fish is available only during certain times of the year at Wild Seafood Market. Due to this limited availability, we do not currently offer this fish for sale online.

Grey Tile

Also known as Blueline Tile Fish, the Grey Tile Fish features a firm and pinkish meat with a translucent surface. When cooked, the flesh becomes white with tender and flaky consistency. This is a seasonal fish here at Wild Seafood Market and we only catch/sell them at certain times of the year.

Grey Tilefish
Grey Tilefish

how to prepare Grey Tilefish

When it comes to cooking, you can prepare a Grey Tile Fish using various methods. You can deep fry this or cover it in the batter for a crispier version. What you’ll get is steamy white flesh with a mild flavor and tender consistency. Smoking a Grey Tile Fish will give you a moist, smoky, sweet, and clean flavor.

Grey Tile availability

This is another species we do not currently sell on our online market due to rarity

Sand Tilefish

The Sand Tilefish is one of our specialty fish here at the Wild Seafood Market. This means they are not caught or sold very often. When we have them, they are usually sold in the market than on the website so make sure to order yours when they are available.

shop our scamp grouper
Sand Tilefish
Sand Tilefish

how to prepare sand Tilefish

This type of tilefish usually lives in a burrow under rocks and rubbles in the seafloor. Like other tilefish, the Sandtile is healthy and tasty if prepared properly. Most chefs prefer broiling this fish to bring out the mild and delicate taste. However, you can also deep fry, bake, or smoke it.

sand tilefish Tile availability

This is another species we do not currently sell on our online market due to the rarity


Blackfin Tuna

Considered to be one of the most delicious fish, the Blackfin Tuna is the perfect fish for eating raw or as sushi. The taste is similar to other types of tuna but with a robust fish flavor and firm, dark meat. Though great as raw, the Blackfin Tuna is also tasty when pan-seared or filleted and blackened.

Blackfin Tuna Fresh on ice ready for sale
Blackfin Tuna

how to prepare blackfin tuna

If you want some variations, this fish is also great for nachos or salad. The fish goes well with soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger. Smoking a Blackfin Tuna is another great way to prepare this fish.

Blackfin tuna availability

This is available as specialty fish at Wild Seafood Market and not sold often. You are more likely to find this at our market in Don’s Dock than on the website however, it is possible we have it in stock depending on availability. See the Blackfin Tuna product page here.

Mahi Mahi

Another specialty fish that we offer here at Wild Seafood Market is Mahi Mahi. It features a distinctly sweet but moderately mild flavor. The meat of this fish is firm and has large, moist flakes. This fish has a strong taste that is comparable to cods. Since they feed off crawfish, Mahi Mahi also has a subtle hint of flavor similar to a crawfish.

picture of a mahi mahi
Fresh, large Mahi Mahi at Dons Dock

cooking Mahi Mahi

The Mahi Mahi is fish with many nutritional benefits and is especially great for having low fat and mercury content. You can cook it in various ways including boiling, baking, and grilling.

mahi mahi availability

Since this fish is usually a bycatch, it is not often in stock. To see if it’s in stock today, check the Mahi Mahi product page.


The Amberjack is often described as a fish with mild taste – a cross between a tuna and a Mahi Mahi. However, this fish is not as mild as the Mahi Mahi and not as steak-like as a tuna. The texture and large flakes are often compared to that of a swordfish but an Amberjack has more succulent and juicier flavor profile.

cooking Amberjack

This fish can be prepared using various cooking methods including baking, broiling, pan-frying, grilling, and smoking. The taste of an Amberjack is relative to its size. The flavor intensifies as it grows bigger so you will have to consider that when ordering this fish.

Amberjack availability

Here at Wild Seafood Market, Amberjack is only caught and sold during certain times of the year. To see if we have it in stock today, and to see the current market rate, view the product page here.