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Finding the Best Red Snapper to Order Online

Looking for fresh snapper yet have no time to go to the fish market? Possibly there’s no seafood market nearby… Good news! Wild Seafood Market offers the freshest variety of Snapper in Florida, and you can order your favorite snapper online. Happen to live in Florida? You can save even more when you order online from and select ‘Ground Shipping’ upon checking out.

Ordering Fresh Red Snapper Direct from the Supplier

Here at Wild Seafood Market, we actually ARE the supplier. Unlike much of our online competition, the Snapper we sell comes straight off our own boats directly to our market. There are only a handful of other fish suppliers offering their fresh catch direct to the consumer. We don’t deep freeze our fish unlike the large, online seafood retailers (we won’t name names). The taste of truly fresh fish, when compared to the long-stored alternative, is magnificent. Until you’ve tried both options, you’ll likely never have a full appreciation for absolutely fresh fish. We’ve had both, and we hope you never have to experience the alternative.

Wild Seafood Market Ships Snapper Nationwide

At Wild Seafood Market, getting fresh Red Snapper and more wild-caught seafood has never been easier. Simply visit our online market, browse our fresh seafood, and choose which snapper to buy. Depending on the size of the Snapper you may be able to purchase it as a whole fish. Larger Snapper can only be shipped as fillets due to the size of our shipping coolers. If you’re not in the mood for snapper, other seafood and fish varieties are also available – from clams, scallops, snow crabs, shrimps, oysters, or fresh fish like grouper to amberjack, and more. 

Shipping Options in Florida

Wild Seafood Market offers a few options when it comes to shipping for Florida residents. Depending on where you live, you may choose Ground Shipping, Overnight, or Local Pickup. The standard shipping days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It’s important to take note of our shipping schedule so you set your expectations (and meal-time) accordingly. For example, if you order on a Friday, it will ship out the following Monday even if you choose Overnight shipping.

  1. Overnight Shipping – This option is perfect for when you need your Snapper the next day (assuming you live in Florida). Otherwise, for out-of-state orders you may be waiting up to two days to recieved your order.
  1. Ground Shipping – Due to the logistics involved, this shipping option is only available in Florida. It’s not impossible to preserve the freshness of your snapper if you live out of state and use this shipping option. 
  1. Local Pickup – If you live in Pinellas County and don’t want to pay for shipping, you can just drop by our store. We can accommodate local pick up of any fish or shellfish order. The best thing is that you can get your order any time within the day, if it is within our business hours.

Type of Snapper We Offer Online

Wild Seafood Market offers the best, sustainably sourced snapper in and around Florida. Since snapper is among the best-tasting fish, and most plentiful in the Gulf of Mexico’s wide expanse it’s one of the most common fish that we source and stock.
Snapper we offer online include:

Fish collars & heads are also available which most often include different varieties of Snapper. Of all the Snapper we offer, the most commonly in-stock option is Red Snapper.

Keeping Your Snapper Order Fresh

Worried that you’ll get your snapper in less stellar condition? No need. Wild Seafood Market ships your orders in coolers with specialized ice packs capable of lasting days at a time. Aside from keeping the fish fresh, the coolers also help ensure the proper handling of your order while in transit. Just a tip, get more value for your money by ordering in increments of 10lbs, as that’s roughly the max each cooler can handle. This way you don’t pay for a separate cooler with just a few pounds inside.

If you opt for local pickup, make sure to bring a cooler or container that will keep your snapper fresh until you get home. We are located in the heart of John’s Pass on the furthest South-East end of the boardwalk near the water. 

Sustainably Source of Snapper Online

Wild Seafood Market is strongly committed to sustainable fishing practices. Our seafood and fish are sourced in the Gulf of Mexico while adhering to local and federal regulations. Our mission has always been to always provide environmentally conscious customers with sustainably sourced fresh fish. Beyond simply adhering to nation and state-level regulations, we also are firmly committed to the Gulf Wild tracking tag system which helps further the betterment of fish populations in the Gulf of Mexico. Learn more about the Gulf Wild tracking system here.

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