Don’s Dock

at John’s Pass in Madeira Beach, Florida. Home to wild seafood market

Just about everything you need to know about Don’s Dock

Whether you’re looking for a fun fishing adventure or just need to replenish your seafood supply, Don’s Dock is the place to go. We have a seafood market where you can get the freshest wild-caught fish and shellfish. We also offer fishing charters and leisure cruises in partnership with Early Riser Charters. 

You can easily find Don’s Dock inside John’s Pass. From there, you can inquire about the various fishing charter and marina supplies that we offer. We have competitive fuel prices, affordable ice, a wide array of bait and tackle, plus snacks and refreshments. Drop by and come see us at the dock!

What is Don’s Dock?

Don’s Dock is a marina located inside John’s Pass. It’s also the location of Wild Seafood Market, a seafood market that offers quality and fresh wild-caught fish and shellfish. With the aim of promoting the American fishing industry, Wild Seafood Market strictly adheres to sustainable fishing regulations. 

But we don’t just follow the rules, we set the standard. We participate in the Gulf Wild TransparenSea System and implement sustainable fishing practices to ensure a healthy and vibrant fishing environment. Wild Seafood Market also sets the gold standard when it comes to fish house operations. Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most sustainable fish to eco-minded and discerning customers.

And since we are the direct supplier, there’s no middleman involved in the transaction to drive up the prices of the fish and seafood that you buy. What you can get from Wild Seafood Market are the freshes catches at the best prices!

Where is Don’s Dock located?

Don’s Dock is located inside John’s Pass. The address is 215 Boardwalk Pl E, Madeira Beach, FL 33708. To find us, go to the Southeast corner of the pass and you will find Don’s Dock on the first floor. John’s Pass is a village and boardwalk with an outdoor shopping and dining complex where you can buy and eat the freshest seafood. Shop for snapper, grouper, or shellfish from Wild Seafood Market and have it filleted, ready for dinner in no time.

Does Dons Dock sell whole fish?

Yes and no. Don’s Dock is not technically a seafood market. But it is the location of Wild Seafood Market. At Wild Seafood Market, you can buy various fish and shellfish. And yes, you can buy whole fish from Wild Seafood Market. Simply go to the online store or drop by the shop inside Don’s Dock and choose the fish you want to buy. Wild Seafood Market offers whole snapper, grouper, and other by-catch such as Hogfish and Porgy. The fish available on our online shop and store at Don’s Dock are what our boats bring in so be sure to check what fresh catch we have available.

Does Don’s Dock serve seafood?

No. Don’s Dock in John’s Pass, Florida is the location of Wild Seafood Market and Don’s Dock marina. We’re a seafood market that offers fresh and wild-caught fish and seafood along with fuel for boats, bait and tackle, refreshments and ice. We aim to promote the American fishing industry, so we strictly adhere to sustainable fishing regulations. Our mission is to provide environmentally conscious consumers with fully traceable, wild-caught, and fresh seafood. We are the direct supplier so there’s no middleman to drive the prices of our seafood up. What you get are fresh fish and seafood at the best prices!

Can I Buy Grouper at Don’s Dock?

Although Don’s Dock is not a seafood it is the marina where Wild Seafood Market is located. The seafood store is where you can buy grouper and other types of fish. We offer both whole fish and filleted, depending on the size. Fish weighing more than 5 pounds are sold and shipped as fillets. But you can always drop by our store to get a whole fish that’s bigger than 5 pounds. We offer various kinds of grouper – depending on what our boats bring in. Red and Gag groupers are the most commonly available. We also offer snapper, Amberjacks, Blackfin tunas, and other fish like porgy and hogfish.

Can I Buy Snapper at Don’s Dock?

Yes and no. Don’s Dock is not a seafood store but the location of Wild Seafood Market. You can buy snapper and other fish from Wild Seafood Market – thru online or the store at Don’s Dock. We sell both whole and filletted snapper, depending on the size available. If you order online, we only ship snapper that are more than 5 pounds as fillets. Choose from the available size on the website and whether you want them filleted or shipped whole and cleaned. Among the snapper species that we offer, the Red Snapper is almost always available and it’s also among the most popular. Check out the store or our online shop for other snapper species available including mangrove snapper, yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, lane snapper, and vermillion snapper.

Does Don’s Dock Deliver Seafood & Fish? 

Don’s Dock, home to Wild Seafood Market, sells various fish and seafood. We have an online shop where you can order your seafood and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Go to our shop and choose the fish or seafood you want to buy. Next, choose the options – for fish, choose the size and whether you need them whole or filleted and for seafood, choose the size or quantity. If you are buying fish, please note than anything that weighs more than 5 pounds are sold and shipped in fillets. Choose your preferred shipping options. If you live outside Florida, we can only ship your orders via overnight shipping. Ground shipping is available for orders in-state. For customers in the Pinellas County and lives near Don’s Dock, you can choose local pickup and get your orders from our store, free of charge.

The hours of operation for Don’s Dock are the same as Wild Seafood Market’s. View them here. Learn more about Don’s Dock here.