@ Don's Dock

Our 'Fish Famous' Market

 We work directly with local fishermen to provide you with the freshest fish for dinner. What we have in stock depends on which of our boats are out fishing, areas being targeted, gear types, and above all, the weather. We do our best to keep stocked on a wide variety of fresh fish, but providing local and sustainable seafood means we won't have every species available all the time. In addition to stocking our retail market, we ship anywhere between 5,000-40,000lbs a week commercially to 26 states. Keep an eye out for our traceable Gulf Wild Tag!

We sell our fish as whole fish and are happy to prepare it to your specifications as a courtesy, both in person and online. Come watch our boats offload and pick out the freshest fish you can get at Don's Dock in historic Johns Pass Village.

If you've been to the retail market, you know we recommend about a pound of whole fish per person to give you a 6oz-8oz portion for dinner. You know better than we do how much you like to eat and what else you've having for dinner, so keep that in mind when ordering.



At Wild Seafood, we set the standard for fishing practice in the Gulf of Mexico by working directly with fishermen and legislative process to create real-world sustainable fishing solutions. Owner and founder of Wild Seafood Co, Jason Delacruz, was acknowledged by President Barack Obama as a Champion of Change in Sustainable Seafood (2016).



We have made Gulf Wild a fully traceable seafood brand that guarantees fresh seafood through the supply chain. Every fish you purchase comes with a tracking number and scannable QR code that follows your fish from the boat to the dock, and to your dinner plate.

Domestic & Wild Caught


Guaranteed domestic and wild-caught seafood promotes American industry and puts money into the hardworking fishermen that this industry depends on. 

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