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Wild Seafood Market at Don’s Dock, Madeira Beach, FL

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Our in-stock seafood is dependent on where our boats have been fishingareas being targetedgear types, seasons, and even the weather. We do our best to keep a wide variety of fresh fish in stock. Providing local and sustainable seafood means we won’t have every species available all the time however, we specialize in the best local caught Snapper and Grouper which you can almost always count on finding here at WildSeafoodMarket.com.


What our Customers are Saying

From the locals to customers across the country, people love our fresh seafood.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Ordered on a Monday and received our whole grouper the next day. Very fresh, amazing taste. Will be ordering again and highly recommend. Next time I’ll let you guys fillet it :)”
Tom Alexander
Jacksonville, FL
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Loved getting to see our fish prepared and equally enjoyed how great the fish and crab claws we bought tasted. [Wild Seafood Market] is our favorite market when on vacation in St. Pete”
Mary Duval
Tourist | Madeira Beach, Fl

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Whole Fish or Fillets

We price our fish online & in the market locally as whole fish and are happy to prepare it to your specifications as a courtesy. When viewing a product here within the online market, if you notice a “preparation” option (most fish) it means you may choose to have the whole fish or select the option to have it filleted by our staff before shipping it to you.

If you’ve been to the retail market, you know we recommend about a pound of whole fish per person to give you a 6oz-8oz portion for dinner. You know better than we do how much you like to eat and what else you’re having for dinner, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Come watch our boats offload and pick out the freshest fish you can get at Don’s Dock in historic John’s Pass Village or have your order shipped anywhere in the United States. Due to shipping constraints, we do not ship outside the U.S.

Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes at our dock & market in Madeira Beach, Florida to have a first-hand look at what we do

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  • See moments from offloads of thousands of pounds of fish on our dock.
  • View our fish market, open to the public seven days a week.
  • Areal shots above our market in the popular John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk.
  • Our experts filleting fish on-the-spot for customers & more.

SINCE 2011

Florida’s Premier Fish Market

Since 2011, Wild Seafood Market has been supplying over 26 states with the freshest fish from the Gulf of Mexico. We are a leading supplier of Grouper and Snapper and one of the few commercial wholesalers who also sell direct-to-consumer.

Buy direct from the supplier


Wild Seafood Co, unlike most other online seafood markets, IS the supplier. Our boats average six days a week on the water. In addition to stocking our retail market, we ship anywhere between 5,000-40,000lbs a week commercially to 26 states. Keep an eye out for our traceable Gulf Wild Tag in supermarkets near you.

When buying directly from the supplier consumers reap the rewards of lower prices as the seafood goes through fewer middlemen plus you’ll always enjoy the freshest catch!

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Fresh and ‘in-stock’

What we have in stock depends on which of our boats are out fishing, areas being targeted, gear types, and above all, the weather. We do our best to keep stock on a wide variety of fresh fish, but providing local and sustainable seafood means we won’t have every species available all the time.

Pinellas County location map of Don's Dock

Don’s Dock: Madeira beach, Florida

Our fleet of boats launch from our retail market located at the famous ‘Don’s Dock’ in Madeira Beach, Florida. If you’re in the area, stop by Monday – Friday, 9am to 4pm to purchase fresh fish.  You may even get lucky with an opportunity to watch out boats unload and pick the freshest fish right on the dock.

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we sell whole fish

As the supplier, we have the unique ability to offer whole fish yet will also fillet it for you at no extra charge. The recommended serving is about a pound of whole fish per person to give you a 6oz-8oz portion for dinner. Larger fish will only fit in the cooler as fillets. More details are on each product page.

True stewards of the gulf of Mexico

Sustainably Sourced & Wild-Caught

.Wild Seafood Co. proudly adheres to all local, state, and federal regulations when our boats are on and off the water. Going a step beyond the call of duty, we also take part in the Gulf Wild tracking initiative. This system, designed to help further protect the health of fish species in the Gulf of Mexico was also co-founded by the very man who created Wild Seafood Co. (and Market), Jason DeLaCruz.

The Wild Seafood Blog

From fishing industry news to information on the seafood we supply, our blog articles are certainly worth a read if you a few free minutes to spare

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